Eldercare Planning & Consultations


What is Eldercare and Long Term Care Planning?

A professional evaluation that looks at the universe of services, along with private and governmental funding sources, to provide long term care support for persons who need assistance with their activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, dressing, transferring and maintaining their households.  The goal is to enhance independence and lifestyle while exploring all appropriate mechanisms to protect assets.


Step 1: Private, Comprehensive, Targeted Consultation

Our goal is to educate you about your choices in care, ways to finance the care, and to assist you in implementing your plan. During your consultation, we will explore all aspects of current or possible need, introduce you to the vast array of community based and institutional long term care services, residences, government entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and SSI, and Insurance products.


Step 2: Plan Development and Assistance with Implementation

An outline is prepared for you with specific steps to take to obtain a full assessment of need, how to avail yourself of appropriate resources and to ensure their effectiveness.


Referrals are made to experienced experts in long term care attorneys, accountants, care managers, home care agencies, residential facilities and community resources.


Step 3: Determining Financial Options for Long Term Care

We work with you and the financial realities to best protect you from the high costs of long term care.  Options may include: 


Medicare is the Federal Health Care Program for persons 65 years of older, or younger people with disabilities, that provides Part A Hospital Benefits and Part B Medical Benefits.  This program was designed primarily to provide for short term, acute skilled or rehabilitative needs.  There is limited coverage for long term or custodial care.  


Medicaid is a government program that covers some forms of long term care for persons with limited assets.  Options may be limited.  


Long Term Care Insurance is a private contract with an insurance carrier that provides comprehensive coverage for home care, assisted living, nursing home care, and advisory services that allows you the choice of personnel and setting for your care.  This is the primary option for middle class Americans.  LTC America, LLC represents the major, highly rated, long-term care insurance, life and annuity carriers.  


We will help you develop the most appropriate program and plan of action for your unique situation.


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