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LTC America, LLC specializes in planning and insuring for long term care.  We work with individuals, groups, guardians, trustees and human service personnel.  


Our goal, is to be the leading resource for information about long term care planning, both personnel and financial.  What do you do to protect yourself, or your loved ones, if they should need long term care services?


LTC America, LLC was founded by Jerie Charnow, MSW, an acknowledged expert in the field of Eldercare and advocate in the fields of aging, disability and long-term care.  


Lauren Adams, CLTC, our South Florida representative is an experienced Long Term Care Insurance specialist.


In addition, we work with a network of seasoned professionals in all fields concerning Eldercare including attorneys, financial planners and tax specialists.


Click here for the online version of our LTC America, LLC Introduction Packet.


For more information, or to schedule a consultation with Jerie Charnow,  please click here to contact us.  If you prefer, you can send an email to info@ltcamerica.com or call us at 631-393-5039.



To schedule a consultation, request a long-term care insurance quote, or other questions, please contact us:


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