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LTC America, LLC Publications: 

bullet LTC America, LLC Welcome Packet
bullet LTC America Brochure
bullet LTC Medical Screen Questionnaire
bullet Average Nursing Home Costs
bullet Elder Law Check List
bullet Effects of LTCI Inflation Riders (30 Year Inflation Analysis)
bullet Medically Underwritten Single Premium Immediate Annuities

LTC America Newsletters

bulletThe LTC America REPORT
bullet "When I Am 64" Special Edition

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Info:

bullet Medicare - Medicaid 2008 - NY
bullet Medicare 2008 Part A
bullet Medicare 2008 Part B
bullet Medicare Supplement Plans
bullet Annuities and Medicaid Eligibility
bullet Social Security 2008 COLA

Tax Info: (see also the Tax Incentive Section under LTC Insurance)

bullet LTCI 2008 Federal Tax Deductions
bullet LTCI 2007 Federal Tax Deductions
bullet Federal Estate Tax Schedule 
bullet New York State Tax Credit FORM for 2006 IT 249

Newsworthy Articles:

bullet Who Pays for LTC?
bullet Real Life Stories  Newsweek Sept. 2006
bullet A Fresh Look at LTC  Kiplingers April 2006
bullet New RX for Long Term Care  Wall Street Journal Nov. 2006
bullet The Lowdown on Long Term Care (April 2006)
bullet Double Bind  AARP May 2006
bullet Buying Into Long Term Care
bullet LTC Mistakes
bullet MetLife 2004 Survey of NH and HHC Costs
bullet Kiplinger Six Steps to Buying and LTC Policy
bullet CBS MarketWatch: When the Bill Comes Due - How to Plan for Rising NH Costs
bullet The Unimaginable - Aging Answers May 2004 (see link under Recommended Reading to purchase book)
bullet GA to bill estates for Medicaid May 2004
bullet Shelter from the Strom April 2004
bullet 55 A Mile Post On The Road to Retirement Feb 2004
bullet States Tighten Medicaid Sept 2003
bullet What Is Long Term Care?
bullet Investigate LTC Seminars Before You Attend
bullet Beyond Retirement
bullet Pay Today for Tomorrow's Care
bullet Consumer Reports Article re LTC Insurance Nov 2003

Special Consumer Publications:

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Medicare & You 2008 Choosing a Medigap Policy 2005 Your Medicare Benefits 2004 A Guide to Long Term Care Insurance


Shoppers99.jpg (16816 bytes) LTC Options for Srs.jpg (11865 bytes) Life & Annuities.jpg (20940 bytes)  
Shoppers Guide to LTC Insurance LTC and Other Options for Seniors Life Insurance and Annuities I



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