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Tax News for

NY State Residents:

Receive a 20% above the line credit for     LTCi premiums.

Download IRS form

Did you know the average daily rate for a private room in a New York City Nursing Home tops $310 per day...are you prepared to pay?

Read the MetLife Market Survey for more details.

Want greater tax deductions for your LTCI premiums or a $3,000 tax credit? 

If yes, then read more about the pending legislation.


Eldercare & Planning

Let us take you through the steps of an eldercare consultation which will explore your unique situation and assess your individual needs.

Long Term Care Insurance

Learn more about the different long term care insurance products, plus the top ten points you need to consider before you purchase a long-term care insurance policy.

Alternate Ways of
Financing Care

Depending on your individual situation, there may be several programs and options to help you finance your long-term care.


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LTC America, LLC specializes in elder care planning and insuring for long term care.  We work with individuals, families, groups, guardians, trustees, small business owners and human service personnel.


Our goal, is to be a leading resource for information about long term care planning, both personnel and financial.  What do you do to protect yourself or your loved ones if they should need expensive long term care services?


Meet Jerie Charnow


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