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The Long Term Care & Retirement Security Act
H.R. 2096 & S. 1335

The Long Term Care & Retirement Security Act is the leading legislative proposal before Congress to address the nation's growing Long Term Care needs.  The bill proposes the following:

bullet Encourage private LTC coverage through an "above-the-line" federal tax deduction for LTC premium payments. 
bullet Bring relief to families currently struggling with LTC need though a tax credit of up to $3,000 per year.
bullet Allow LTC insurance to be offered under cafeteria plans and flexible spending arrangements (FSA's). 
The Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's Breakthrough Act of 2004 that was introduced in June offers added hope that the Long Term Care & Retirement Security Act (also refered to as the Grassley-Graham LTC tax incentives - the Senate sponsors of S. 1335) will become law. The bill's incentives - the above-the-line LTCi deduction and the long-term caregiver tax credit - were added onto the Reagan legislation, which calls for substantial increases in research funding for Alzheimer's Disease and boosts the nation's investment in caregiver support through respite care, family counseling and tax credits.

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