Fellow GCM Members
Dear Colleagues,

You are so good about taking care of everyone else, now is the time to think about yourself!

Just a quick note to thank so many of you for both the opportunity to serve you and for your referrals over the year. 

As members of the NY Chapter of GCM, you were previously entitled to a 5% discount for Unum's LTC insurance product for both members and their families. This discount is no longer available to new members.  It is still an excellent product, but, due to competitive product changes and price increases, it is now quite costly for new buyers.  I've reviewed the newer products available to associations and have found some attractive alternatives.

In order to move forward, I need some information from you. Insurance carriers require an indication of support from NYGCM leadership. Your leadership, in turn, want to hear from members to ascertain interest.  Each carrier has different requirements regarding the number of possible applications in order to determine their discount to the association. 

bullet Most products will be available, at a reduced cost, to members, spouses, parents, in-laws and some, to other extended family members including grandparents.  These are individual, not group products, so all riders and additional discounts are available. 
bullet There are several excellent plans offering a wide range of benefits and options.  Some of the newer products allow you to buy a "starter" policy and add on, without evidence of insurability, in the future.  Most now pay on a monthly basis, allow for independent home care personnel (formerly only possible with an indemnity plan), offer "shared care", return of premiums and other innovative inflation protection options.  Most carriers also carry Partnership products.  Note, regardless of which plan is selected for GCM, everyone will be advised of other products that also meet their needs.

Simply reply to jcharnow@ltcamerica.com, indicating, without obligation of course, interest for yourself or family members.  I will then dialogue with the carriers and come back to the group with several options.

Our new website is being developed at this time, but feel free to browse our existing site.  Feel free to call me at 516-375-1875 or (888) 380-5443 if you have any questions, or email me at jcharnow@ltcamerica.com

Best Regards,

Jerie Charnow, MSW
LTC America, LLC
A Founding GCM Member




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